You need to capture the essence and express your personality with your camera!

Capturing the soul of the moment, it only makes sense if you work your photos safely.

Show the originality of your gaze and express your identity.

To do this, you have to focus on some details.

You have to master your photographic device, your iPhone or a camera.

I am going to show you the ways that lead you to get a privileged look

  • Not knowing how to master a camera is quite common. But the best results are achieved by knowing each setting of your tool.
  • There are two ways to take good photos: technique and inspiration. But it takes effort and time. This is the only way to achieve unusual results.
  • Having close contact with everything we want to photograph implies breaking certain barriers. So I am going to teach you how to work your gaze and use different resources.
  • Defining and specifying your taste and style makes inspiration come more easily. It is not about studying in depth the big names in photography, you should know at least some of the things that were done. Only then will you find the strength of your language.

The way to express photographic creativity

Like most of us, we lack time to make the most of our true passion.

I have gone through many situations. During my career at the Institute of Photography of Catalonia, I had to face projects that were not always in accordance with my real taste.

But, thanks to this learning with excellent teachers and also commercial commissions, I have managed to adapt myself to many situations.

During my international reporting, I have been confronted with quirky characters who were not always responsive or cooperative. So I had to develop techniques that many of my photos perfectly illustrate.

  • I understand you very well: not enjoying this time of total dedication, prevents you from launching.
  • I want to save you time and effort.
  • I want to show you the way and share with you my experience: the key points to make a good photo.

Among other things, you will learn:

Given the current situation, the course takes place online with everything we can theoretically study.

How to motivate yourself to face the street with your camera?

We will enhance your gaze for you to express your talent in portraying the world.

Camera in hand: discover your camera and its basic functions.

Composition: the most important features of "Street photography".

Referents: influences and photographers that you must know to be inspired (classic and contemporary references).

Portfolio review: you will have a week to practise the theory. We will review your work together to define your style and the personality of your look.

Empower your talent by learning the basics of photography!

Take advantage of my confinement for a 2 hours meeting per day:

- June 25th: Theory camera in hand.

- August 1st: Portfolio review.

Limited to 10 people for a personalized meeting.

Price per person: € 87.00

✅ Special offer for the first 3 places: € 67 ✅

Duration: 4 hours (2 hours per day)

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